In order to address the shifting needs of our modern world, OCAD’s 2019 graduating Industrial Design class has applied critical research, thinking and fabrication skills to develop innovative and thoughtful design solutions for a variety of contexts. The works on display in the SHIFTED exhibition represent not only products and services, but a collective vision of a more humanitarian future. 

To assist in navigating the Industrial Design GradEX, projects will be classified on the left under the SHIFTED tab.



Industrial Design’s SHIFTED Graduate Exhibition addresses the rapidly evolving nature of today’s technologies, systems, and behaviours. The included works strive to demonstrate how emerging product and experience designers address contemporary challenges within their field via the identification of both new questions and new opportunities. 

Examining the shifting needs of the modern world, we aim to provide innovative and insightful solutions that contribute to a collective vision of a thoughtful future.

SHIFTED represents not only the transforming and transformative nature of society and technology, but also the manner in which the field of industrial design as a whole is broaching new territories of critical thought and user-centered methodologies. In addition, this exhibition represents our collective shift from the role of students to that of creative professionals.

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